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Hey there, lovelies!
Long time no see, uh? I'm sorry I've been MIA around here :( I guess Twitter and Tumblr were a bit easier to use when RL wasn't conducive to long periods of internet time these past few months :/ I've never been the most invested blogger, but I did miss dw/lj and all of you *cling* I've finally managed to get back to part-time and, hopefully, I'll be able to be a bit more present :)

Um. Nothing much happened since the last time I posted, unless you count working like mule, live in another country, getting the coat of my dreams, faking being an adult like a pro, dance with a jailbait on accident, get drunk and sober up in the span of two hours (thank you, water and pizza), dance with a "baby" on purpose, keeping a plant alive for more than three months (there's hope for me yet!), watching a boatload of movies, eating cadbury eggs, finding the most perfect slippers, learning to cook fish, missing my kitty and my dog, dancing like nobody's watching, bawling like a baby over FOB coming back, eating Marmite (my tongue is still confused), letting my hair grow, and appreciating fandom like never before. Can't really complain :)

I'm am only 37 days away from going back home and tbh I can't wait to get on that flight. It's been a nice experience, but I really miss home and my friends and omg the weather! If it weren't for my sister being her awesome self the rain and cold would have pushed me right into a mopey state of doom in the first week here.

Anyway, super important news! I'm going to USA in June! My darling angelgazing and I are going to have the best summer ever \o/ It will be full of FOB shows and cupcakes and storytime and pillowforts and naps! I've already made a silly countdown calendar and a list of things to do entitled "Nas In the USA" (because I'm a total party :P). Basically, I need to know if fiction lied to me about all the awesome things, so I already put eating at IHOP, being on a highway, and go to the mall on it! I'm afraid going to prom couldn't make the list for obvious reasons, but I'll be there for Indipendence Day, so watching the 4th of July fireworks and BBQ can be added :D You should totes suggest more stuff! My sister demanded I record tiny video diaries to send her, so the more the better :)

In other news, I've been a bit on the rocky path with my artsy muse. I haven't had much time to doodle my heart out lately and in order to get back on track I've been thinking of getting a bingo card of some sort? Except I'm so out of the loop that I don't even know if there's a bingo challenge active anywhere :| Do you know of any, my lovelies? Is there a fairytalebingo anywhere? That would be absolutely perfect! (otherwise I'll have to make one myself and that's just no fun). Btw, if you don't have a bingo challenge, you are always welcome to leave me a prompt or two or ten. Iam desperate to get out of this stupid art-block.

And, finally, a tiny notification: I've had a couple of commission requests in the past few months so I thought making a proper commissions info post with a basic price chart would be a good idea :)

How have you been my darlings? What's new in your life? What did I miss? Tell me everything! <333

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Feel free to comment wherever you please :)
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