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Mutant Cute Gene Carrier

Happy Tuesday, my Lovelies!

Hey lovelies! Have you survived the Christmas madness? We had Christmas on the 23rd this year 'cause the parents decided to go away for the weekend (so my childhood wish of opening the presents early finally got granted \o/ I only had to wait 20 years...) Also, thank you for all the cards and pressies! You are all awesome and I wish I could group hug all of you right now! <3333

Anyway, I know you're probably all holiday-ed out, but I have awesome things to link to, so bear with me, yeah?

Thing the 1st: mfac was a complete joy this year too and if you haven't had the time to check it out before, I urge you to do so now because every door was chockfull of delightful fandom stuff! saba1789 was the best host ever and allowed me again to participate to the calendar. This year I decided to go the multifandom way, because 2011 has been the year I fell in love with all the fandoms that crossed my path. You can find the drawing here, but really, you should check out all the entries!

Thing the 2nd: dear sarahyyy wrote me the most adorable Ariadne/Yusuf ficlet :3 Go read Tea for Two and be charmed!

Thing the 3rd: OMG, you guys! I received two awesome mixes from my Santa person over at tsnsecretsanta :D I have been listening to them all day long and I keep bouncing in my seat and you should really check them out and shower thatsapplejack in praise and love!

Thing the 4th: COME PLAY OVER AT [community profile] grimm_kink! We have vintage props pretty violinists him! :D

Thing the 5th: seeing as lj is on a mean track lately, you might want to consider backing up your journals on Dreamwidth. I've been crossposting since the last lj fail and while dW is not as shiny as lj (used) to be, it's still a lovely place to go play and you won't need an invite code to create an account until New Year's Eve (and if you'll need one later, I should have some to hand out :)).

And on a not-very-awesome note, I haven't been able to mail some cards yet because I fail at time management, but don't despair! I'm setting up camp in front of the post office tomorrow!

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Feel free to comment wherever you please :)
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