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First and formost! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SHANNEN! *yodels* (your card is on the way!) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO laria_gwyn! *smooches you both*

Today is one of those day that make me wish I were a violent person or at least a more selfish one. Since I hate hate hate feeling like that, let's have a post full of happy things!

Let's start with how awesome people in fandom can be! I'm sure all of you have heard about the earthquake in Christchurch. Well, someone organized a fandom auction to help those people get back on their feet:

Go check it out and offer, bid or even just boost the signal :) My thread is here, btw.

Another thing that is very awesome? This Sherlock fanart by squashbee! I love every single thing about it! EVERY SINGLE THING! And you should check it out and tell her how charmed you are by it!

More happy-making things!
this IBB fanart by essouffle is so beautiful, you guys! I love the style and the colours and the texture!
Panic! boys being ridiculous and UNF! How are they so ridiculous and also UNF at the same time? How?
Being spammed on twitter with beautiful pictures(&saba1789;)
Being tweeted a story about Steve and Danny going to a tattoo parlour
• All the art for i_reversebang. I keep going back to the claiming post to fill my eyes with all the pretty <333
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